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"Jerry McCoy participated in the PGA Fall Expo Conference.  His knowledge of the subject matter was impressive, and his presentation received excellent reviews from those that attended.  I highly recommend him to any organization looking for a dynamic, well informed speaker for their conference."

Kara Codio - Conference & Marketing Manager




Comments from Seminars

CMAA National Conference
I attended the session "Financing Major Capital Projects" at the Hawaii conference. It was particularly relevant at that time as my club was in the midst planning a major clubhouse renovation. I had specific questions that I hoped to have answered at the session. I arrived very early for the session and had the opportunity to speak to Jerry in person on refundable assessments. That conversation alone paid for my attendance at the conference. 

I found your session particularly relevant to our clubhouse renovation project and would highly recommend it to any GM/COO before a clubhouse project.
George Pinches, Hamilton Golf Club, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Greater Chicago – “Your information on pitfalls in master planning was very timely”

Iowa & Illinois Chapters – The governance program reflected what is happening in so many clubs today. I can personally relate to what you said.”

New Jersey – The Progressive Private Club program made the day fly by. A great job!

Seminole Chapter – “You were right on target with your comments regarding the very things I have been struggling with.”

“Great job! You gave us a lot to think about.”

“Very timely – Excellent information – The program exceeded my expectations.”

All Day Programs

Jerry McCoy - WorkshopBest Practices in Club Governance - This program will review present 'best practices' for governing the private club today. The goal of this seminar is to provide each participant with a plan to address any governance weaknesses at their club.

Current statistics on governing practices help participants understand what is presently happening in private clubs and get a brief picture of the state of the industry. This seminar will use excerpts from the Director's Guide for Understanding Club Governance and The Governance Checklist, publications of CMAA's Premier Club Services. Participants will address most of the critical issues

faced by GM's in their working relationships with volunteer boards. The seminar use group exercises discussion for problem solving.

Strategic Planning & Club Operational Thinking - Participants will be introduced to a standard academic model of the strategic planning process and compare it to the modified operating model. During this seminar we will fill in the blanks under each part of the model using club specific tools that will generate the Private Club Operational Model that can develop a viable strategic plan.

A key part of the program deals with the fact-finding process to insure that the club has the critical information necessary to make proper strategic decisions. The program will provide a template to take back to their club to explain to club leaders how best to undertake the planning.

Comprehensive Master Planning - This workshop will cover the process of strategic planning, master planning, marketing and selling, document development and project management. This workshop can be expanded into a two-day program that includes case studies and extensive detail in documents and specifications.

1.5 to 3.0 Hour Programs

Customized Program - Any of the programs can be packaged to provide a customized all day workshop on targeted toward information pertinent to the group.

  1. Utilizing the Membership Survey as a Vehicle for Change - A how-to program for developing Membership Surveys as well as Board of Directors and Staff attitude surveys. Survey methods and principals are analyzed from the perspective of both the Board and the Membership, with solutions for effective results.
  2. Effective Strategic Planning - Using The Service Gauntlet - The LRP process is discussed as it relates to the elements of fact finding, problem definition and consensus building. A strategic planning model for clubs is included using actual case studies. The Board of Directors' strategy survey concept is introduced during this program.
  3. Undertaking a Facilities Review - This program discusses information gathering and analysis of existing services and facilities so that effective expansions or renovations can take place. Participants will learn how to evaluate the square footage needs of your building based on the services the club wants to provide, using AIA models and systems taught by club architects.
  4. Finance Plans for Major Projects - Proper financing is a critical element of any major construction or renovation plan. This program presents a finance plan template that can be used by any club. It will assist the club in developing a program that has real potential for success and will give the membership confidence in the viability of a project.
  5. Hiring a Master Planning Company - Don't get caught paying too much for planning services. Learn what you need to know about the planning process so you can be a knowledgeable purchaser. The goal is to spend the club's money wisely and get the services you need to affect real change. This program deals with how you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of companies as they relate to your club's specific needs.
  6. Understanding Contract Documents in Club Construction - Details are presented on contracts and contractual relationships, as well as conditions of contracts and specifications. Resource materials and discussion also include a broad array of intricacies surrounding the construction process.
  7. Understanding the Membership Perspective - This program deals with member thinking and expectations about their club. Nine aspects of understanding member thinking (The Divine Nine) explain concepts such as - The Shortest Distance Theory, The Sense of Urgency, Service & Servant, The Sponge Concept and Separate But Unequal.
  8. Best Practices in Strategic & Master Planning - This programs pulls out key elements from all-day workshops. Best practices are identified while using an actual case study of a club completing the process.

The above programs can be packaged into all-day workshops or customized to fit the available education time. Special emphasis can be added to subject matter to focus a program to specific problem solving needs.

From the Ohio Valley Chairman of Education, Peter Davies

"The two programs you offered: "Understanding The Membership Perspective" and Effective Strategic Planning - Using The Service Gauntlet" provided managers with the kind of practical and dynamic ideas that can be put to immediate use.

The 'Divine Nine' aspects of member thinking that you presented were obviously created out of your extensive experience in club management, and provided us with a valuable blueprint for future use. The "Service Gauntlet" is a great concept and an important tool to be used while processing ideas in the present, as well as planning for the future.

As Education Chairman, I believe that your seminar provided chapter members with exactly the kind of thought provoking information that they expect from their membership in CMAA. I hope that the chapter will have an opportunity to benefit from more of your seminars in the future."

From San Francisco - Northern California Chapter
Greg Gonsalves, Education Chair

"Jerry McCoy was our guest speaker for our chapter meeting in May. Mr. McCoy presented a highly informative educational session to over 50 club managers and board members from our region. There were 2 primary topics: 'Utilizing the Membership Survey Process as a Vehicle for Change' and 'The Service Gauntlet.' Both of these programs were well presented and provided the audience with excellent information to utilize at their respective clubs. The concept of the Service Gauntlet garnered a lot of dialogue and practical thought with the outcome being very useful to the managers. 'This concept is a must do for managers, their boards or committees.'"

 From Kara Codio - Reed Exhibitions Conference & Marketing Manager for the PGA Fall Expo

"I would highly recommend Jerry McCoy to any organization looking for a dynamic, well informed speaker for their conference."

 A Comment from the Metropolitan Chapter - Albany Region

"This seminar was very interesting and I received a lot of information that will benefit me as a manager. Thank you..... and I look forward to possibly attending another of your seminars!"

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