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A decade or so ago several consultants were asked what is the most important issue on the table for our industry in the next 10 years. For me that question was a no brainer. The industry had done a good job over the past 20 years in educating general managers. We now needed to do a better job in educating club boards.

To that end industry associations, educators and consultants have concentrated on providing resources to help make club boards better. Each with varying levels of success. It all comes down to the individual board member’s willingness to invest the time necessary to become more knowledgeable regarding the club business they serve. Some of the tools developed required a large investment of time. It was difficult to hold a board member accountable. A lot of consultants were saying similar things in slightly different ways. Some were more successful than others. One thing most of these tools had in common – they all required the club to make some kind of financial investment in board education.

Over the years there has been significant research on how to best educate boards. What is the most effective communication tool? Technology has provided new opportunities. We know that most board members are busy people. Therefore, any education must contain the following five elements:

  1. Content must be interesting and pertinent
  2. Provided by the most competent experts
  3. Short presentations that keep participants engaged
  4. Flexible and accessible for busy schedules
  5. Participation by individuals - Can be tracked, so the GM / President knows who has completed which elements of the program

We are proud to announce that such a board education tool has been created. The Association of Private Club Directors and Gordon Welch, President of APCD, have been working on development of the BoardRoom Institute, which will provide an online education template with dozens of programs for board members to complete. Each of these programs is on topical issues affecting clubs today. The video programs are 3 – 7 minutes long so they are easily viewed in a timely manner. Another aspect of the program is that it comes with a dashboard so that the GM / President can monitor the progress of each director as they work through the series.

Please take a moment to view the following video. It is a sample of the exceptional board education available through the Association of Private Club Directors.

The BoardRoom Institute

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The BoardRoom Institute

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