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Private Club Strategic Planning is the process by which the club leaders envision the future of the Club and develop the necessary procedures to achieve that future. Once the Club sets the future direction, it must establish clear goals, with targets for completion within a specified time frame. These targets must be realistic and obtainable.

If a strategic plan is effective, it must fulfill the mission of the Club. Mission development is a process of facilitation of ideas to establish consensus for the overall purpose of the organization. Before the process of mission development is undertaken, all parties must understand the primary focus of the industry of which they are a part.

The Clubwise approach to strategic planning includes a discussion of the undeniable truths of the industry. The Club is a service business. All future efforts should be directed at enhancing service delivery systems that will maximize value and member satisfaction. Once the primary strategic planning template has been established, secondary missions, goals, objectives and strategies that provide the individual personality of the Club can be developed.

The key to a successful strategic plan lies in the ability of the facilitator to understand the nature of the industry. Your consultant must be able to complete a comprehensive operational audit and then have the capacity to analyze the needs of the organization within your individual marketplace. Clubwise offers the highest level of operating expertise available in the private club industry. This experience will help insure that the planning process remains focused on enhancing member satisfaction at all levels.

Another key to any successful strategic plan is to place the Club on track to maximize the potential within the financial constraints of the organization. To that end, a major part of the strategic planning process deals with value and cost / benefit relationships.

Since the club is a business, it is supported by a series of membership purchasing decisions. From an individual's first decision to pay their initiation fee, their ongoing decision to pay monthly dues through their daily decisions to buy products and services, members are making financial commitments. The Club needs to continually reinforce the fact that each decision the member makes is a good decision. Effective strategic planning deals with enhancing member satisfaction through the establishment of policies that result in good value to the membership.

One of the unique elements of a Clubwise strategic plan is the Board Strategy Survey included in the middle of the process. The strategy survey helps crystallize thinking and allows the leadership to focus on developing a plan that is measurable and achievable.

“Leadership Strategy Survey"

Periodically clubs want to approach strategic planning with a less time consuming approach. The club may need to update an existing plan or focus on targeted issues. The BOD 'Strategy Survey' is an alternative to the comprehensive strategic planning process.

Clubs that have established the critical issues, but are having difficulty making real progress, may need to refocus. The BOD strategy process is a method of doing just that. It will not only help clubs make progress, it will also introduce leaders to new ways of thinking about old problems.

It is easy to test products to ensure they will do what they are advertised to do. It is more difficult to test ideas. The Clubwise process will provide leaders to a way of ideas analysis that can determine if an idea can survive as a cost viable enhancement that will promote member satisfaction. This system of analysis is based on The Service Gauntlet, the new handbook for managers, officers and directors of private clubs. The book provides new insight into strategic planning and club operational thinking.

A BOD Strategy Survey includes:

  • Preliminary research at the club. Meet with key leaders and selected staff regarding issues facing the club. 
  • Review club policies and methods of operation with GM in areas of finance, membership, capital replacement service levels. 
  • Develop survey for the BOD to be complete via email or fax. 
  • Set half-day strategy meeting, evaluate survey results and prepare handouts. (The meeting can take place in the morning, afternoon or evening) 
  • Present a power point presentation of the results and facilitate a discussion of the issues. 
  • Prepare a summary report of the results to the club 

The survey process can be completed for minimal cost and includes two visits to the club, the facilitated half-day session and a final report. The BOD Strategy Survey has the potential of quickly identifying what the Board believes and helping set in place a process to make sound decisions. The overall goal is that the club can make real progress toward positive change in the organization.

“Capital Funding Template”

Clubwise is also a leader in developing and evaluating strategic plans and capital funding programs. A comprehensive spreadsheet template providing effective analysis has been created by Clubwise. By adopting its use, clubs can insure proper planning of revenue and expenses streams. This style of planning will provide credibility to both strategic needs and construction finance plans.

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