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Since the scope of need for services varies substantially from club to club, pricing of these services are estimated between the lower and upper ranges. Clubwise will visit your club for the cost of travel related expenses only to give a complementary assessment of needs.

The purpose is to evaluate the existing facilities for operating issues, building conditions and systems problems. Services as part of the analysis include:

  • Interviews with the club leadership, senior management and department heads to evaluate present operating issues and roadblocks to successful service delivery.
  • Survey of member focus groups regarding existing and future services.
  • Completing an analysis of existing facilities, including depreciation status, image appeal, level and quality of the competition.
  • Review and status of building including construction, roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other systems where appropriate, using local service companies.
  • Development of future program elements for new services and facility needs. This includes square footage evaluations and demands within each area based on usage and growth.

The results of the finding will be presented in report form so that master planning considerations can be analyzed and marketing of new facilities can take place in an effective manner. A facility analysis does not include an architectural solution that will satisfy the program elements identified in the report.


A full master planning effort that includes an operating and facility evaluation, development of program elements, focus group work, finance plan development, architectural and interiors solutions and a marketing program directed towards a presentation meeting to the membership.

Clubwise will lead the club through the process with independent architectural professionals. We can also assist the club in procuring permanent professional services from companies that will stay on to complete the project once it has been moved through the necessary political process associated with the club.


Clubwise offers multiple services to assist clubs as they deal with major capital enhancement. Our company will serve as a Club Operational Specialist (COS) to your club's planning needs. We can be retained for any or all parts of project development and management. Clubwise is hired as the representative for the club in dealing with architects, interior design firms, club planners or other companies to insure a smooth and effective planning process.

Clubwise believes that services can be procured at more competitive fee structures than the industry has grown to accept. We will negotiate contracts to insure the best fee structures for professional services, normally saving thousands of dollars on the outset.

General consulting is handled on a retainer basis depending on the scope of work.

Winter Park Racquet Club

2007 Facility Enhancement Program

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If construction and renovation projects are to be successful, they must be able to deliver on member expectations. Not only should they be aesthetically pleasing, but they also must have operating integrity and be able to maximize the club's ability to deliver products and services.

Clubwise specializes in bringing operating integrity to club design. Once plans and specifications are complete, a thorough review of the documents is necessary to insure a successful project. Document review can uncover errors that need to be changed prior to beginning construction. Adjustment at this time will normally save thousands of dollars in change orders during construction.


Design and layout of kitchen and bar equipment is critical for the successful delivery of products and service once the construction or renovation has taken place. Clubwise has extensive expertise in design & layout of kitchen and bar equipment to maximize the functionality of the facilities in the future. Clubwise will work with architectural, interiors and equipment suppliers to insure facilities can meet the operating expectations of management and allow club staff to perform at maximum levels.


Clubs will invest hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on clubhouse facilities. Normally these projects stretch the resources of the club and normally exceed initial budgets. Clubwise understands that the success of a project is its ability to deliver on future services to the members. This requires that new facilities have all the operating equipment necessary to deliver on these expectations. Clubwise specializes in working with management to insure proper budgeting takes place for opening expenses.

Clubwise will review all operating equipment needs and work with management to insure ordering and purchasing takes place within the necessary lead times. Our company will assist in establishing equipment needs procurement and layout of, not only operating equipment, but also other systems such as telephone, security, and sound. Clubwise can procure the right companies to handle all your technology-related concerns.

Clubwise can offer creative solutions that will add special distinction to new service delivery programs. Providing guidance to new employee orientation and staff training prior to grand opening is included in the opening services.

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