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Understanding Membership Survey Analysis

"Unfortunately, clubs rarely initiate a long-term survey process with the purpose ofevaluating change. The results of membership surveys are best viewed as a means to an end, rather than an end in themselves. Used to the club's fullest advantage, information gathered from membership surveys should serve as a mechanism for interpreting change. Over time, the true value of the membership survey process can be seen as member opinions shift favorably in response to management actions." -  Jerry McCoy, MCM - from his two part article on, Utilizing the Membership survey Process as a Vehicle for Change, Club Management Magazine Vol. 79 Nos. 5 & 6

In recent years Clubwise has taken the lead in the ability to develop a customizedmembership survey, personal to each club, addressing both current operating issues and long-range planning goals.

The survey results are delivered in a concise and effective manner that allows Boards and Management to identify issues and deal with them effectively. The Consultant's Analysis is based on 20 years of marketing experience and the evaluation of dozens of clubs.  For more information go to Company Profile.

Three Point Survey Philosophy For Club Leaders

  1. Ask their opinions
  2. Tell them what they said
  3. Tell them what you are going to do about it

Jerry N. McCoy, MCMJerry N. McCoy, MCM, is the President of Clubwise, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, master planning, operational audits and governance issues. He is the author of The Director’s Guide for Understanding Club Governance, The Governance Checklist and The Board Resource Manual all of which are publications of CMAA’s Premier Club Services®, the new Strategic Management Handbook for private clubs and is an extensive contributor to the new CMAA Facilities and Amenities Texts Volume I & II which are available through Bookmart.

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