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The Business Plan Checklist – Take the Test

Posted by admin at 10:39 AM on Mar 22, 2018


The most successful clubs follow a solid business plan approach. Their governance organization is based on sound fundamentals. These clubs plan well and follow-up their planning with a well thought out plan management system. Consider this list of 15 key practices of successful clubs. If your club was asked to answer these questions, would it score 100%?

  1. The club has adopted progressive governance practices reflecting principles identified in the Director’s Guide for Understanding Club Governance or the new CMAA Governance Model. This series of industry best practices has been used by hundreds of clubs to set critical foundational elements of the club’s governance structure that stands the test of time. The Director’s Guide even comes with a self- audit checklist to make the process easy to implement.

  2. The bylaws have been reviewed and updated to reflect any changes regarding the club governance structure that meets the best practices adopted by the Board. Boards have a tendency to be timid when it comes to bylaws changes. Changes must be marketed to the membership based on their long-term effectiveness. Making the bylaws conform to best practices may be one of the most important things the leadership can accomplish.

  3. A comprehensive membership survey has been completed to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses and deliver a member driven process.Every company knows that it must understand its customers. Market research is critical. Since a club’s product is member satisfaction, the only way you can know how satisfied they are is to ask them. Guard against members who will tell you they know what the members think. They only know what their small constituencies think.

  4. A Board procedures document is in place detailing all interpretations of the bylaws or general policies made by the Board that affect relationships between the board, committees, COO, staff and membership. A documented set of guidelines helps the decision making process. It also helps new board members get up to speed on these relationships.

  5. A strategic plan has been developed that includes prioritized initiatives. It is impossible for an organization to function efficiently without a well thought out plan for future actions. You can’t just live from day to day. Each aspect of the club must be considered as decisions made in one area can readily affect other aspects of the organization.

Jerry N. McCoy, MCMJerry N. McCoy, MCM, is the President of Clubwise, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, master planning, operational audits and governance issues. He is the author of The Director’s Guide for Understanding Club Governance, The Governance Checklist and The Board Resource Manual all of which are publications of CMAA’s Premier Club Services®, the new Strategic Management Handbook for private clubs and is an extensive contributor to the new CMAA Facilities and Amenities Texts Volume I & II which are available through Bookmart.