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How To Be Club-Wise

be_clubwise-ph.jpgWhat a private club is, and does, can be divided into four distinct areas for analysis purposes. These four areas are: Membership, Operations, Facilities and Governance.

Each area is directly related to the other. Whenever a decision is made regarding one of the areas it can have an impact on all of the other segments.

So the question becomes "Why hire a consultant to help you in one of the areas if they do not have a comprehensive knowledge of all the other areas?" This was the premise on which Clubwise was founded.

It makes no sense to have a company help develop a strategic plan if they do not understand facility needs and master planning. Why hire a master planner who does not have a club operations background? What good is a survey company that can not analyze the data based on operating and service delivery systems? How can a company provide effective insight into how governance should work at the club without an extensive of how decisions impact each area of the club?

Jerry N. McCoy, MCM of Clubwise Consulting LLC.Clubwise offers comprehensive consulting services from membership surveys to strategic planning, from operational issues, to finance and master planning. The Clubwise concept was developed by Jerry N. McCoy, MCM to provide a complete solution to club issues. Mr. McCoy is one of only a few Master Club Managers (MCM) in the country and offers a unique perspective regarding the total club. His book The Service Gauntlet details new concepts in strategic planning and club operational thinking.

When membership surveys lead to strategic planning which may lead to master planning Clubwise provides the club the comfort of not having to change consultants in mid-stream. The club can be guaranteed that it will receive creative solutions that protect club assets and save valuable resources that can be poured back into any required improvements. Clubwise can help through the complete process at dramatic savings over larger specialized companies with substantial overhead. With Clubwise as your advocate during contract negotiations with architects and interior design firms enough money can be saved to virtually get Clubwise services for free.

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