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"Operational Audits – Food & Beverage Consulting" Facilitated by Clubwise

food_and_beverage.jpg“Operational Audits”
Clubwise will evaluate operations from the four-part perspective. We look at 1. Facilities, 2. Membership, 3. Products & Services and 4. Governance Practices, as each of these parts plays and important role in the success of the organization.

When a change is made in any of these four elements a ripple effect normally occurs on the other three. If operating audits, directed at policies, procedures or financial consequences, are to provide viable options for quality solutions, they must examine the strengths and weaknesses of the club from the four-part perspective.

A Review & Evaluation
of Club Operations
St Ives Country Club
Duluth, Georgia

“Food & Beverage Consulting”
During The Survey or strategic planning process several clients have realized shortcomings within their food and beverage services. Clubwise has been hired to complete a full F & B analysis addressing operational, facility and marketing issues that can position the club to meet member expectations and maximize satisfaction.


Westwood Club

Food & Beverage Analysis & Recommendations

Prepared by Clubwise

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