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About Clubwise

Clubwise was formed in 1996 to meet the demand for expertise in strategic & long range planning, major capital development and membership marketing. The company is a leader in consulting services that have their basis in functionality and a solid operating perspective.

Over the years Clubwise has specialized in using membership surveys as a vehicle for change. The company has a national reputation for being able to lead clubs through major capital projects and facilities enhancement. Clubwise is known for the ability to evaluate plans and make recommendations that will deliver on member expectations.

About the Principal - Jerry N. McCoy, MCM 

jerry-headshot.gifMcCoy is a graduate of Michigan State University and has studied club construction and renovation at Auburn University, Cornell University and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard. McCoy received his - MCM - Master Club Manager designation in 1995.

Jerry McCoy is a national lecturer on club construction, renovation and internal marketing issues. He is a leader in effective membership surveys and author of The Service Gauntlet, a handbook for managers and directors on strategic planning and new operational thinking.

In 2003 Mr. McCoy was commissioned by CMAA's Premier Club Services (PCS) to write a comprehensive document that would help clubs develop better governance practices. In December of 2003 PCS will provide all subscribers with a signature package that includes:

The Directors Guide for Understanding Club Governance
The Governance Checklist
The Board Resource Manual

These items offer real opportunities for unpaid volunteer leaders of private clubs to better understand their role in effective governance. The Checklist provides an option for a true evaluation of the clubs existing practices compared to a series of accepted best practices. The Resource Manual is a prototype orientation book for new directors. For further information contact Premier Club Services at (703)-739-9500 or visit PCS at

Recently McCoy has authored the Strategic Management Handbook for Private Clubs. This handbook, in the second printing, is available on a complementary basis through this web site. In 2008 McCoy was commissioned by the resources department of CMAA to write 10 chapters of the new Facilities and Amenities Series Vol. I & Vol. II that are available through CMAA's Bookmart.

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